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Geek Girls Rule! #133 – Penny Arcade and the Dickwolves

Posted by geekgirlsrule on August 18, 2010

I appreciate the feedback, but I don’t get here very often, so your comments don’t get approved that quickly.  And there’s a new Dickwolves post there.


Yeah, I wasn’t going to get into this, but a lot of the debate around it is really starting to get on my nerves.

So, last week the Penny Arcade guys posted this comic.  Quick synopsis, a slave comes up to an MMORPG “Hero” asking to be saved, telling the “Hero” about the abuses he suffers which include “being raped to sleep by dickwolves” every night.  The “Hero” says that he’s already saved the five slaves required by the quest, and tells the sixth slave to “not make this awkward.”

Shortly thereafter a guest poster at Shakesville posts this response.  With which I do not agree in the least, and I will explain after I finish linking you to innumerable posts.  I am a history major, this is what we do.  We cite things.

The guys at Penny Arcade then post this response.  Which is ok, until the last panel when they go for the Straw Man argument about how if their comic made you rape, stop it.  Which as much as I disliked and disagree with the Shakesville response(s), they did not actually accuse the strip of doing.  And really just makes the Penny Arcade guys look like jerks.

Ok.  Those are the players.  Other folks have also commented atPandagon and Geek Feminism (and this one), but the first three links up there are what’s important.

Thing the first:  Gabe and Tycho were not making a “rape” joke, but were instead making a joke about the “morality” of computer games, MMORPG or otherwise, wherein you are, as the hero, only expected to be moral to the point that the quest requires.  The use of rape in the line “raped to sleep by dickwolves” is pretty obviously supposed to the most horrible thing ever, something anyone with a soul would want to save a slave from, yet, here is the “Hero” saying, “Yeah, tough.  I already saved the five slaves I needed to.”

And as someone who has been raped, I can concur, that yes, rape is pretty much one of the most horrible things ever.

Thing the second:  Why don’t I agree with Milli A and Shakesville that Gabe and Tycho suck?  Trust me, I’ve seen Gabe and Tycho screw up, in the final panel of their response to this, for example.  But I don’t feel that this is a rape joke, as in rape is the punchline.  Rape isn’t the punchline, rape is a horrible thing people should be saved from.  The fact that the “Hero” won’t save the slave because he’s made his quota is the punchline. It’s like if a Red Cross volunteer quit pulling survivors from the wreckage because they’d saved all the people they were supposed to.  Or if an ER doc quit in the middle of a life-saving procedure because he’d stitched all the stitches he was supposed to.

Granted, your mileage may vary, and this is something that I have blogged about on my more serious blogs:  Sexual Assault survivors are not a monolith.  Some of us enjoy gallows humor, and definitely feel it serves it’s purpose in the grand scheme of healing.  Some of us don’t.  However, as a rape survivor I am fucking sick to death of people, some of whom are also survivors, but many who are not, decreeing that as a survivor I need to be treated as if I’m made of spun glass and merely seeing the word “rape” will shatter me into a bazillion pieces, or, conversely that because I’m NOT made of spun glass surrounding the topic, that I’m doing it wrong.

Look, heroes are supposed to save people.  And the fact that in many games your “Hero’s” morality is solely dependent on a fixed number of “good deeds” runs counter to what most of us would classify as heroic in the real world.  That is the punchline of the joke.

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On a more annoying note…

Posted by geekgirlsrule on June 11, 2010

Screw Bill Willingham.  Apparently at a convention, he said, “I wanted to gun down those girls who kept asking about the memorial case.”

This is in reference to Project Girl Wonder, which is a fan request that Stephanie Brown, the one female Robin, get a memorial case in the Bat Cave, like all the male Robins have had, because that’s only fair, right?  However, apparently DC doesn’t think a female Robin deserves the same respect male Robins recieved.  Bill Willingham is the guy who killed Stephanie Brown off, in a fairly sexualized manner, so you know he’s a charmer to begin with. in general is a wonderful comics resource for female fans, and I can’t encourage you enough to go check it out.

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Geek Girls Rule! #124.5 – Advertising Sexist?

Posted by geekgirlsrule on April 13, 2010

I love this clip from That Mitchell and Webb Look.

That’s about the size of it.

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Geek Girls Rule! #124 – Bitches ain’t Shit… ORLY?

Posted by geekgirlsrule on April 8, 2010

The above is a commercial for God of War 3, titled “Insignificant Other.”  I apologize for linking you to a site where you’ll have to watch an ad to see the ad (WTF?) but I think reading the comments below demonstrates why women don’t feel welcome in the videogames community.

But first let’s talk about the commercial: 
Dumpy, Pasty Dude?  Check
Conventionally Hot Girl?  Check
Girl Clueless About Videogame?  Check
Girl Whining?  Check
Girl Pouting?  Check

Seriously?  This is what you project as an image of what women are and do, and you wonder why we think you’re a bunch of misogynous dickbags?  Is it really that hard to figure out?  You don’t really need a degree in Women’s Studies to see what the problems with this are.  At least I hope not.  I mean, I don’t have a degree in Women’s Studies.  I have a History degree.  But I understand that when you project an image of a really hot girl, dating a pasty, dumpy gamer dude, and depict it as UNREASONABLE of her and WHINING that she wants to, oh, I don’t know, spend time with said boyfriend and maybe, have the SEXX0RZ, oh wait… You guys don’t think girls like sex either.

*insert random grumbling*

Here’s the deal, slappy.  There are LOTS of women who like the God of War franchise, granted after advertising like this you may have to pull a few fingernails to get them to admit it.  Lots of women play videogames, and not just the girly video games.  Jen, who writes here, is a fiend for the NHL games for Xbox, as well as the killy, stabby games, and WoW.  I love fighty games, even though I can’t cope with FPS’s, because with my glasses they make me motion sick and with my contacts I focus so hard I forget to blink and my eyes dry out.  But back to God of War…

The responses to the commercial are primarily along the lines of  “Totally hilarious!”, with a scattering of people saying it’s misogynous and in response: “You chicks just need to mellow out and quit calling everything misogyny.” 


Ok, so reverse genders in that commercial.  Pasty, chubby Gamer Girl, playing videogames while a male model stands in the background and:
A. Acts as if he doesn’t ‘get’ the game or understand it.
B.  Whines about his girlfriend ignoring him.
C.  Pouts.

No, really, think about that.  Your knickers would be all kinds of wadded.  Or maybe not, because, “Dude, everyone knows fat chicks can’t get hot guys, that’s total fantasy.”

I have a headache.  Way to start the day.  Why do I do this to myself?

And please, before you feel the need to tell me why it’s not really misogyny that the stupid hot girl (because hot girls are always stupid, duh) doesn’t get video games, and is sooo high maintenance because she expects her schlubby boyfriend to, oh, TALK to her, do us all a favor and don’t.  Because you’re just going to be contributing to my incipient stroke, and make yourself look like an asshole. 

God of War was on my list to pick up when I had some spare cash and hours, but after this, I don’t think so.  I think I’ll stick with SoulCaliber and the Lego series of games.  At least in Lego Star Wars Padme gets to shoot things.

ETA:  I have already bahleted one trolling post, if I can fill up an “Anti-Feminist Bingo Card” by reading your response, it’s not getting approved.  Here’s a hint, if you accuse me of whining, bahleted.

ETA2:  Just in case you’re wondering, I hadn’t seen the commercial in question until the Geek Husband What Rules yelled at the tv last week, “What a misogynist piece of shit!”  Go ahead, call him an over-emotional pansy.  I dare you.

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A GGR Public Service Announcement: There are too many dicks on the dancefloor.

Posted by geekgirlsrule on March 29, 2010

This video by Anita Sarkeesian is freaking brilliant. 

For  her motivation and list of videogames included, please go to her blog entry over at Feminist Frequency about it. 


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Geek Girls Rule! #118 – Just a Reminder, GGR is not a democracy.

Posted by geekgirlsrule on February 13, 2010

Now that we’re picking up more hits from Facebook and Twitter and by virtue of the fact that we have more bloggers (Bolshoe Spacibo to Danielle, Jen and Tammy), I thought I should maybe reiterate some of the moderation policy here and why I am such a draconian bitch.

Honestly, I’m actually pretty easy going, because being draconian on this blog would take far more energy than I’m willing and able to expend. 

Geek Girls Rule! is by, for and about Geek Girls and how being Geek Girls affects our lives, what we like, what we do, and it addresses (at least I hope it does) that we are not a monolith.  It is a place where Geek Girls can come to read and discuss issues we have with our chosen nerdities, and guys are welcome to read and discuss as well.  That said, it is not a place where guys should feel free to tell us how we’re “doin it rong.”  I have nothing against people who disagree with me or my other bloggers.  I do have something against “Mansplaining,” telling women that they’re wrong when they feel something is sexist, or just in general being a doucheclam for doucheclam’s sake because you think it’s cute that girls have figured out how to use computers with our tiny ladybrains. 

First, I would like to explain that there is a difference between something BEING sexist, and the intent of it’s creator or the person who said it MEANING to be sexist.  Just because someone didn’t mean to sound like a sexist dick, doesn’t mean that what they said isn’t sexist.  Being married, dating a woman and having daughter(s) does not mean you can’t be sexist.  Great Flying Spaghetti Monster, some of the biggest sexist dickheads I’ve ever met are the fathers of girls.  Neither is being a woman (born or trans) proof against sexism and misogyny.  Trust me.  

The same goes for Racism.  I know no one is 100 percent free of racist misconceptions, thoughts and ideologies, because our culture is saturated with them.  But just try not to be egregiously racist, ok?  Because that shit doesn’t fly here, either.  I try to be mindful myself, and I know I don’t always succeed, so I have no objection to being called out.  Just try not to lose your shit if someone tells you, “Geez, that was sort of racist…”  They’re not calling YOU racist, they are calling what you SAID racist.  For an explanation of the distinction please see Jay Smooth’s video “How to tell people they sound racist” on YouTube. 

Next, Mansplaining.  Alas, in the comments to Jen’s first post, we had an unfortunate case of Mansplaining.  Hopefully that hasn’t scared her off from posting entirely, but if nothing else it annoyed the crap right out of me.  Rebecca Solnit established the concept of Mansplaining in her article, “Men Who Explain Things,” wherein she describes a dinner party where a male guest upon hearing that she’d written a book on Eadweard Muybridge, proceeds to tell her all about how she should read this Very Important book on Muybridge, which just happened to be her book. 

Karen Healey of “Girls Read Comics and They Are Pissed!” fame, has been credited in several circles with coining the term “Mansplaining” for the phenomena of men who can’t seem to keep from, usually erroneously, “correcting” female colleagues, friends, complete strangers…  This is not to say that all men are Mansplainers.  Many, probably most, are not.  The Geek Husband What Rules read the definition of Mansplaining and nearly laughed himself sick, “I’ve totally heard those dudes.  Shit, I hope I’m not one of them.”  Not usually, sweetheart. 

And this isn’t to say that women can’t be guilty of Mansplaining, either.  Hell, I know I’ve done it.  But I think Ms. Healey and others are correct in their assessment that a gender neutral term isn’t going to do this phenomena justice.  You can go here to read why. 

I will tell you, that if you read any of those links, or this blog entry, and your immediate response is to be suddenly and intensely enraged as if you personally were being insulted, then yes, you proabably were:  Dude, you’re a Mansplainer.  Self-Actualize.  Seriously, before you hit “Post” on that scathing reply you have all planned out to enlighten me on why I’m wrong, just stop for a second and think about it.  Non-Mansplainers don’t have that reaction.

Which brings me to this last point:  This blog is not a democracy.  You do not have freedom of speech in the comment section of this blog.  Now, I don’t delete the comments of people who disagree with me, as long as they are respectful and don’t pepper their comments with things like “bitches don’t get it” and “you cunts just need to know your place.”  I do, however, delete comments from people who presume to tell me (usually men) how I should be writing, gaming, living, breathing and/or fucking.  Calling me a fat, hairy dyke is an automatic trip to Ban-sville, after some awesome mockery.  They don’t call me the Wicked Bitch of the West for nothing, pal.

And if you’re desperately and direly offended by the very idea of girls getting cooties on your Man-hobbies, just go away.  Click to another site, there’s MILLIONS of them out there, many of them written by guys who dig your hobby and don’t like girls touching it, either.  Go bug them.  I don’t go to Red State blogs or the blogs of the He-Male Woman Haters to troll, do me the same courtesy. 

All that said, I really do want this place to be open and welcoming to everyone regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, shoe size, musical preference…  Except for people who hate cats, you can just fuck right off…  Kidding.  Sort of.  Please just bear in mind that I am the dictator for life of GGR, a benevolent dictator, but a dictator nonetheless.  And if you don’t like it, there’s a whole, great big internet out there just waiting for you.  I promise.

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The Power of Words

Posted by Jen on January 30, 2010

Please welcome Jen Doering as the latest member of the Geek Girls Rule! family!!

If you’ve been playing an MMO in the last five or six years or so, you’ve been conscious that some of the language involved can get a bit…salty. Sometimes the only thing you can say in response to a particularly bad wipe is an f-bomb or other bit of profanity. And, I’ll be honest, things get a bit risque in my guild’s Ventrilo channel. (For instance, a husband and wife weren’t responding to ready checks, so there was all sorts of speculation as to their whereabouts, when they were merely getting a snack. We didn’t buy it either.)

If you play an MMO and still have general chat channels on, then you’re aware that certain words—such as “gay,” “rape,” and “fag”–are thrown around quite readily. Combine this with the new random dungeon finder that Blizzard added in December, and it’s a given you’ll be tossed together with players you probably wouldn’t associate with normally. If I find myself in a random dungeon and there’s profanity, I’ll stick it out. If people are using the word “gay” as an adjective that doesn’t refer to sexual orientation and “rape” as something that gets done to monsters or other players, I’ll immediately drop the group and wait out my deserter debuff.

The people who use such terms are quick to throw out free speech and their rights, but the WoW servers are not public spheres. It would be as if I went into someone’s home and swore a blue streak. Sure, there’s nothing to stop me doing so, but odds are good I’d be asked to leave and not invited back. In the same manner, Blizzard can (and does) ban people for such behavior.

The thing is, words have power. I know too many people who’ve been sexually assaulted or been targeted because of their sexual orientation. I’ve seen what these evils do to their lives, and I’ll be damned if I continue it or passively condone it. Every time someone talks about “raping” a boss or an opposing faction, they’re contributing to the mindset that rape is acceptable. If “gay” is used as an epithet, it’s reinforced that some sexual orientations are undesirable.

Of course, the objection is raised that they really aren’t talking about rape or homophobia, but “nice” people don’t use words that hurt other people. Because of the nature of MMO’s, you never know who’s the person behind the toon. Isn’t it better to just not use words that could hurt? In the end, it’s a more fun time for everyone involved, if we do what we can to make things a little better for everyone else.

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Geek Girls Rule – Flash Update

Posted by geekgirlsrule on October 14, 2009

I’ve been blogging over at the California Chapter of NOW’s blog for a while, which explains some of the slowdown over here.  And today I did something for them that is equally germane to this blog, but I’m not going to repost it in its entirety, so go there and read it.  

Essentially, enough people sent me the link to Limpdick McDouchepants… I mean, “Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech”‘s screed about how girls are getting estrogen all over his SF/F, and gay men are getting their gay-ey gayness… or whatever, all over his SF/F and he’s had enough! 

I think we can all picture Captain Sadpants McDateless, at least his demeanor if not his looks.  He’s the kind of guy who’ll spend half an hour telling a girl why she can’t possibly understand SF/F like him and his giant, genius man-brain, and how all women are gold diggers and whores, then ask her out and wonder why she doesn’t leap at the chance.  I’ve met him, you’ve met him, we all wish we hadn’t. 

Thankfully, these jerks are a minority in SF/F and gaming circles.

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Geek Girls Rule! #104 – Trolly Trolly Troll Troll.

Posted by geekgirlsrule on October 13, 2009

Occasionally, not often, but occasionally, I get trolls here.  When I do, on those rare occasions, unless they’ve said something actionable in a court of law, I leave them up.  I mean, I can’t possibly make them look any dumber than they have themselves.  And really, I’m hoping to inspire them to great heights (or depths) of trollness for my entertainment, because I really do find these guys funny.  Guys?  Excuse my assumed sexism, people.  But I think it’s generally a safe bet that they are guys, just because of the content of the trolling. 

One of the first actual trolls I got replied to one of my posts with, “I think someone needs to start shaving.”  My response, “I wax.”  Really, that’s the best you can come up with?  I’m a Feminist so I must be hairy?  He wasn’t even really trying. 

The next one I received felt the need to take me to task over my hatred of Windows Vista.  I found this hilarious.  The idea that MICROSOFT needs a brave defender from me.  Good Gods, people.  Microsoft could buy several small nations.  I seriously doubt that my harsh words even ding their tough, dinosaur-like hide. 

However, if Microsoft are listening I have some advice for you guys.  Put out a finished product.  See, I remember when you used to do that.  Windows 95, 98, Office 97.  Then you started the Beta testing program, where users could get free copies of things like the Office suite in beta, and they would agree to send all their feedback to Microsoft.  In return, beta testers got a reduced price on the finished product.  I was a beta user for Microsoft Office 2000. 

THEN Microsoft decided, “Well we can just release the betas charge people $300, install something that automatically reports all the problems back to us if they’re on the net, and then issues so many patches it will render all but the most powerful machines nigh useless.”  Sigh.

There it is, you want me to quit bitching about Microsoft?  Tell your bosses to release actual finished software instead of betas, for which they charge too fucking much.  The end.

Next, I just got my first troll on the podcast (no, I haven’t unhidden his comment).  He’s so cute!  I just want to pinch his chubby little cheeks, run my fingers through his crazy sticky up neon hair and rub the jewel in his tummy!!!!

Trolly, Trolly, Troll Troll

Trolly, Trolly, Troll Troll

I think if girls want to get involved with roleplaying the best way they can do it is to convey snacks and beverages to the gaming table, preferably barefoot. On no account should they be allowed into a dungeon, they will take 20 minutes to parallel park their floating disk at the best of times and will start moaning as soon as they realise the game isn’t solely about them. Or taking their clothes off for attention.  (by Nerd)

Isn’t he just the most adorable and completely unoriginal little Troll you ever did see? 

Now, there are two possible explanations for this comment.  1. Is that he thinks he’s being ironic, and his imitation of douche-ness is just so spot on that we’re missing the satire.  Or 2. He’s sitting at home alone, waiting for puberty and is going to spend the rest of his life wondering why girls don’t like him.*

I’m leaning heavily toward 2 at this point.  Honestly, I just hope he never shoots up a health club like that asshole in Pennsylvania.  And that last bit about girls taking their clothes off for attention, does that sound the teeniest bit like wishful thinking to any of the rest of you?  Yeah, I thought so. 

I’ve always wondered whether it was masochism or pure entitlement that makes people come into spaces that are pretty much guaranteed to piss them off, and pee all over everything.  I mean, come on Dude, look at the title of the blog and podcast:  Geek GIRLS RULE!  I mean, you already know this is not your thing.  This would be like me going into a blog called “It’s so cute when women pretend to think” and being surprised at the rampant misogyny.  Is it some pathological plea for help?  Did mommy not love you enough?  What? 

On the other hand, thank you for one hell of a good laugh.  My keyboard may never be the same.

So, guys, share your best trolls with us.  Or even the best trolls and responses you’ve ever seen. 

*The ‘waiting for puberty’ comment stands regardless of whether he’s 13 or 30.

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Geek Girls Rule! #102 – Really, Marvel?

Posted by geekgirlsrule on September 18, 2009

Oh for the love of little green apples… 

I first heard about this from Hoyden about Town.  Essentially, villian Chameleon impersonates Peter Parker and sleeps with Peter’s room-mate.  When people start to point out to the writer that this constitutes rape, his response is:

“My understanding of the definition of rape is that it requires force or the threat of force, so no. Using deception to trick someone into granting consent isn’t quite the same thing.
“Which is not to say it isn’t a horrible, evil, reprehensible thing that Chameleon did. He is a bad man.
“He insults parapelegics[sic] and dips people in acid too.”

Faith in humanity sinking… 

So, according to Fred Van Lente, someone being blackmailed into sex, isn’t rape.  Someone having the choice of losing their job or putting out, isn’t rape.  Someone drugged unconscious or passed out being penetrated (you need violence for rape, remember?), isn’t rape.  Someone thinking they’re with one person when it’s really another isn’t rape.

Actually, according to  courts in the US (you’ll want to check your specific state laws) and Canada, if you impersonate someone else  to gain sexual access to someone, it is indeed sexual assault.  If someone has not consented to sex with YOU, it is rape.  Period.  It doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be a fighter pilot to impress a chick at a bar, although trust me, we aren’t ever fooled.  It does mean you can’t bang your twin brother’s girlfriend without her knowing which twin you are.

Fortunately, several folks over at i09 have been calling this guy on his bullshit.  Not all of them.  There are still a fair number of idiots who don’t get it, but at least some people are speaking out on this. 

The second offensive part of this is the fact that after sleeping with “Peter” once, the character in question immediately turns into the controlling girlfriend from Hell.  Really?  You think women do that?  Seriously?  Have you met one? 

Honestly, the most likely result of a tumble on the kitchen floor with a previously platonic room-mate would be some awkward silence, a lot of “um”-ing and “So, uh, where do we stand after this afternoon?”*  Shit, I can draw the panel in my head.  But I guess a hot Latina in Spiderman’s t-shirt is way more interesting than showing her fully clothed, rubbing the back of her neck and awkwardly not meeting Peter’s eyes. 

So, to paraphrase Keith Olbermann, “Mr. Fred Van Lente, today’s Worst Person in the World!!!”  Ok, not the world.  Just my small part of it.

*Yes, I speak from experience here.  Sigh.  My libido has ever been my Achilles’ heel, and hot geeky boys my kryptonite.

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